In the following contract agreed upon by both parties in a condition of sale of the Male/Female Registration number:                            Ragdoll Kitten/Cat

Kitten/Cat:                                                        _,

Sire:                                                                 _,

Dam:                                                                  ,

FantasyMeow will be referred to as “the Breeder” and

Name: _________________ Phone ___________________

E-mail: _                                                                      will be referred to as “the Buyer”.

In consideration of a purchase price of $ ___       (Inclusive of $500 non-refundable deposit), the Breeder transfers all rights, privileges and responsibilities associated with the ownership of the above described Kitten/Cat as a Pet  /Show/  Breeder to the Buyer with the following conditions. The Breeder and the Buyer  agree that Ontario laws apply to this contract and to have any dispute settled in an Ontario Court of Law.


  1. If the kitten/cat is being sold as a pet only, it should be spayed/neutered prior to leaving depending upon age. If not spayed/neutered by the time it leaves the Breeder, the buyer agrees to have Ragdoll kitten/cat purchased from FantasyMeow spayed/neutered by the time of 6-month age. All kittens are spayed/neutered at the Buyer’s expense unless otherwise specified. TICA registration papers will be provided once the proof of spay/neuter completed with 6-month age, which is signed by a licensed veterinarian and sent back to the Breeder. Any breech of this contract will result in the Breeder taking repossession of said kitten without any refund.
  2. This kitten/cat is guaranteed to be free of any disease at the time of sale to the best of the Breeder’s knowledge.
  3. The Breeder provides a 2-year health guarantee against the death of the kitten/cat due to genetic illness/defects from the date of birth (FeLV/FIV can be spread between cats after the kitten/cat leaving the cattery and are specifically excluded). In the unlikely event of death of this kitten/cat due to genetic abnormalities, the Breeder requires a detailed autopsy report and letter stating the exact cause of death and including the description of the kitten/cat microchip number, date of birth, name, sex, color and pattern from the Buyer’s licensed veterinarian and contact information of the Buyer’s licensed veterinarian and concurrence with the Breeder’s veterinarian. The Breeder will replace kitten/cat with one of the equal quality at next available litter. The right of the Buyer to receive a replacement kitten will be void if the Buyer is not satisfied with in total of four kittens that the Breeder offered. Should the veterinarian state that the health condition was caused by or contributed to poor nutrition, an accident or injury, or anything beyond the scope of the Breeder’s responsibility; the health guarantee will NOT
  4. The kitten MUST be checked within 72 hours since the pick-up or delivery date by a licensed veterinarian of your choice or the health guarantee is null and
  5. If at any time the Buyer can no longer keep the kitten/cat, they are responsible to find a suitable home for the said kitten/cat. The Breeder would be happy to assist in advertising to help find a new home. If the Buyer prefers to return the kitten/cat to the Breeder, the Breeder will accept the kitten/cat but no refund will be given.
  6. The Breeder has the right to terminate this contract and cancel or refuse the sale or placement of this kitten, at any time for any reason OR no reason. The Breeder is NOT obligated to give an explanation to the Buyer upon refusal of the sale. The Breeder will refund the full amount to the Buyer, including the deposit.
  7. Health guarantee will not be honored if: ownership change without the Breeder’s approval, veterinary examinations required by contract are not completed or any of the guarantee by Buyer is breached.
  8. The total liability of the Breeder shall in no case exceed the purchase price listed on the first page of this contract. Any and all vet bills and travel charges are the sole responsibility of the buyer.



  1. The Buyer agrees to exercise normal care in maintaining this kitten’s health. Routine preventative care includes the following: annual exams by a licensed veterinarian and annual vaccinations. Normal care assumes that the Buyer will feed and provide fresh water for this cat, as well as give attention and love to this cat daily and proper grooming so that the coat is kept clean. If the Buyer is found to be abusing or neglecting this cat by not following these most basic guidelines, the ownership of the cat will immediately revert to the Breeder who may immediately assume possession of the cat. The Breeder’s reasonable attorney fees for recovery of the cat in such a situation will be paid for by the
  2. This kitten will receive adequate socialization to make it a good pet. The Buyer agrees that this kitten is NOT to be left in garage, basement, cage or any inappropriate place. The Buyer vows that this kitten will become a member of the family.
  3. This kitten will NOT be Declawing will void the health guarantee.
  4. This kitten/cat will be kept indoors and not be allowed to freely roam outdoors without close supervision.
  5. Rehoming the kitten/cat to another family requires the notification to and the approval of the Breeder. If the Buyer is unable to or does not want to keep the kitten, kitten will be returned to the Breeder at the Buyer’s expense. Under no circumstances, will this kitten/cat be sold, leased, or given away to any pet store, research laboratory, breeding mill or similar facilities.
  6. The Breeder will be notified within 10 business day of any address or phone number changes of the
  7. The Buyer guarantees a 7-calendar-day separation from any current animals. If the kitten and resident animals in the house have physical contact with each other within the 7 calendar days of the kitten arrival, all health guarantee is null and

I,                                                                               (the BUYER) have read and fully understood the above contract on     . I fully understand and see this contract as a legal and binding agreement and as condition to the sale of the FantasyMeow as described above.