Reserve Kitten

We are small in-home ragdoll breeder in GTA.

Kittens are limited and only available to loving and stable home.

How to reserve a spot on waiting list

Step 1: Check out our Waiting List

Step 2: Check out our Pricing.

Step 3: If you are comfortable with the waiting time and pricing, please fill out Adoption form. Make sure to introduce your pet experience and family environment. Please also ask us any questions you have at the same time.

Step 4: We will respond to your adoption form if we have or will have kitten for you.

Step 5: Once we are mutually selected, we will provide you link with deposit payment.

Note: If deposit is not paid within 3 hour after providing you with the link, please confirm with us again before proceeding with deposit payment since our availability may have changed.

Step 6: After receiving deposit, we will add you to our waiting list.

Step 7: We will keep you updated when we have kittens available for you, please respond us timely when it’s time for kitten selection.

Want to be notified with our future litters without waiting on waiting list?